About me

I am Josita van de Kerk. For the past 10 years I developed myself to coach working in personal and organizational development. In my career I had a variety of functions and responsibilities which enables me to look from different perspectives to people, context and organizations.

Josita is a Family and Systemic Constellations coach for over 4 years who has worked with clients getting closer to and clarity about their personal and business goals. For the past 10 years she has delved into the world of personal development learning how to use your inner power and knowledge stored in your body and mind combined.

I coach you to bring clarity to personal and business questions (which, let’s be honest are often intertwined!) through exploring the ‘questions that matter’. I am fascinated by how people get to their insights and make decisions that truly suit their vision, discovering this together is my strength.

From my experience I know that you can get far alone, but that working with a coach, and taking (sometimes tricky) steps together life can be a lot lighter. As the possibilities you saw so far did not bring you what you hoped for. It might be time to do things or something different. This does take a bit of courage and I can support you in this. I enjoy working with people who want to go there.

For more information or to book an intake contact me.