Career coaching

Career coaching

‘How do I get my energy and enjoyment back in my work? How do I look in a different way to my work so I can fully go for it? I feel that I am stuck but I’m not sure why.. I know that I want to do it differently but every time I step into the same old pattern..’

If you recognize these questions, or if you want to have a look at a different career path and find out what you really want to do in your life, this might be exactly right for you.

Let’s double check.

Do you recognize any of these?

  • The work is never done which often leaves you tired.
  • You’re taking on responsibilities that aren’t yours.
  • You’re frustrated about what others do and don’t do.
  • You often feel insecure about your own capabilities.

And how familiar are these situations?

  • You’re in a meeting, someone asks if someone can close the door. What is your first impulse? Are you already standing before you had a think about the question?
  • There is a bit of friction in a team. Can you leave the problems for them to solve or do you feel it’s your responsibility to mediate?
  • You’re going out with someone or maybe: you’re having a call with someone, who really needs a listening ear. Can you truly listen or do you feel called to give tips and advice?

If yes;

Let’s work together; you explore your thoughts and feelings about the subject so you can take the next steps or get closure with things that are holding you back.

Feel free to book an intake with on . We will have a look what the best route is for you to get clarification, feel lighter and come to new insights.