Organisation advice

There can be patterns and convictions inside a school or organization that lead to turmoil. Sometimes it’s impossible for the parties involved to see possible solutions and find an agreement. Ambiguity about the role and responsibilities can cause conflict.

Clarification about the situation and patterns in teams and supervisors gives space and ease, which can make the possible solutions visible again. It also makes everyone involved motivated to work towards a better work environment.

So, are you looking for a solution for one of the below?

  • Processes are taking longer and longer. Decisions aren’t being made and things don’t get done.
  • Team members take on way too much or too little?
  • You doubt if your talent or contribution still matters.
  • Friction in your team.

The way I work is that I look, listen, ask and clarify. I discuss with you what is visible and discover what is inviable. I will do this with methods of Systemic thinking: Where is the connection and where is it missing? Is everyone’s place right? What position does everyone take? How about the balance of giving and taking at work?

Clarification gives space and ease to discover possibilities together and improve the situation. With everyone and for everyone.

If you think this way of working suits you, feel free to contact me for an intake on